Quality customer service & a good loyalty program gives any enterprise a certain advantage, an advantage that can achieve a certain measure of success.

Success, however, invites imitation so what happens when competitors imitate the customer service & loyalty program? It’ll be the standard that customers will tend to expect frin any enterprise in the industry.

As a result, there is no differentiation among competitive programs, nor reasons for customers to care.

To keep your advantage in customer service, you have to make the customers to keep caring for your enterprise’s products/services.


According to the Philippine Daily Inquirer’s MarketingRX:

When quality customer service and your loyalty program is your competitive advantage in your industry or market, keep watch when business rivals would have matched this advantage and have turned it as a minimum requirement.

As a minimum requirement in your enterprise or business, quality customer service and loyalty program should be maintained because to do otherwise leads to customer dissatisfaction.

If you want to sustain your edge over your competitors, uncover a new customer “differentiator” that research has shown and has validated as an unserved or underserved attribute of your customer service/loyalty program. In short, keep improving on your customer service by not just giving services, deals but covering all your bases.

Quality customer service and loyalty is key to business sustainability.


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Roberto, Ardy & Roberto, Ned. “Is quality customer service the key to sustainability?” 6 January 2011. The Philippine Daily Inquirer. Accessed 11 January 2011. Learn more Here.


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