For local business leaders, the business process outsourcing (BPO) and tourism industries remain the top sectors that offer opportunities for Cebu’s business community. The Filipino-Cebuano Business Club Inc. (FCBI) sees brighter business opportunities this year and said Cebu, Philippines will have a faster growth.

Cebu’s economic performance in 2010, when there was a boom of infrastructure projects, including the construction of high-rise buildings, and the growing traffic congestions, gave indicators of the city’s progress.

Cebu is growing that the city’s administrative and business groups must address key issues in mass transport, environment and product innovation.


Mass transport

The time is ripe for Cebu to have a mass rapid transport system. Traffic congestion has reached a point in 2010 that it could hinder productivity and add to pollution. Among the programs the business chambers of Cebu are currently working on with the local government is traffic management.

This is just the beginning of a real urban planning for the entire Metro Cebu. Soon, Cebu have a cohesive and seamless transportation.


Cebu has done its share in addressing environmental concerns.

Product innovation

There will be a push for continued product innovation or product development in the sectors to become competitive with Asian neighbors. With the government’s initiative for a strong public-private partnership (PPP), if properly implemented, would bring in opportunities for both the government and private sectors as it would attract potential investors to the country.


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