Virtual assistants (VAs) provide remote administrative, technical and creative business support services to entrepreneurs and small enterprises/businesses.

Using today’s smart communication technologies, they work as office managers or executive assistants who are proficient with multiple tasks for  a wide variety of clients.


Virtual Assistants can help a small business to grow quickly, without needing to invest a huge amount of money into infrastructure first. There are virtual assistants to cater for almost every type of specialization.

The best tactic for a small business owner is outsource processes that take up too much time or that they struggle with. Some areas of business really should not be outsourced unless the company has grown so large that the owner can no longer handle them in-house.

This 2011, VAs from the United States, Canada, UK, Australia, Philippines and other countries kick off a multi-jurisdictional, international campaign to increase on and offline awareness and educate business owners about the benefits of working with professional virtual assistants, culminating in IVA Week celebration this month of May.

Today, many entrepreneurs and enterprises have yet to embraced the concept of hiring professional, experienced virtual office support providers. There are many advantages of hiring VAs, such as reducing expenses, smart use of technology, and pay-for-services on an as-needed or retainer basis


FTE Outsourcing – Virtual Office Support Provider!



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