There are 9 effective steps that outline the process of proper leadership planning.

Following these steps will be beneficial to you, the leader of your enterprise, organization or business, as you make plans for a successful 2011.


1. Predetermine your course of action

2. Lay out your goals

3. Adjust your priorities

4. Notify key personnel

5. Allow time for acceptance

6. Head into action

7. Expect problems

8. Always point to your successes

9. Daily review your progress

As a leader, preparation and planning are key activities.All is well that begins well. Leaders who carefully craft strategies achieve success, while those who haphazardly race forward could experience failure.

Leaders face temptation to initiate action without taking the time to map out plans.

Fortune favors the bold, not the brash.

It may feel unproductive to think about how to do something when you could simply roll up your start making things happen.

It’s a far less of an investment however, to prepare for a project than to repair a project after it has gone awry.


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Maxwell, John. ”Leaders cannot afford to neglect Planning.” 8 January 2011. The Philippine Daily Inquirer. Accessed 11 January 2011. Link Here.


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