The Philippines, a recognized leader in global BPO, has called on companies like Globe and its partner Singapore Telecommunications Ltd. (SingTel) to address the telecommunication requirements of BPO giants in various economic zones in the country.

The nation’s President, Benigno Aquino III, appealed to the top officials of both companies to support the information and communication sector to boost the business process outsourcing (BPO) industry during the courtesy call of the two firms’s top executives at the Premier Guest House of Malacañang Palace.

Both companies assure they are prepared to serve the local and international connectivity requirements of the Philippines’ BPO industry through its two fiber-optic backbones nationwide.

SingTel remains committed to building its presence in the Philippines as its local affiliate, Globe, tests the Long Term Evolution (LTE) broadband technology, a high performance air interface for cellular mobile that runs at higher speeds and capacity.

It is noted that the country has fixed line tele-density is a mere five percent and only 30 percent of Filipinos have access to the Internet (mainly through Internet cafes) and barely 10 percent own personal computers that would enable such access. Since 90 percent of the Philippine population have mobile phones, the broadband medium bears great potential to bridge the digital divide.

The LTE technology has had previous success with NEC of Japan and Alcatel-Lucent of France and the United States. Vendors around the world can be expected to join the fray and compete for operators’ business by setting up or strengthening their local presence and operations, thereby creating jobs and knowledge.

The LTE trials demonstrate the strong cooperation among companies in the SingTel Group to develop products and services for the region. LTE will open doors to new and more powerful mobile solutions that will transform the way customers connect to each other. The regional trials underscore SingTel and its affiliates’ commitment to provide customers with more innovative and relevant services.

Globe has so far invested in several undersea cable systems like TGN-IA worth $90 million and SJC amounting to $60 million as well as cable landing stations. It said its partnership with foreign operators, like Singtel, gives the company flexibility and capacity to provide customers with competitively-priced, reliable, top-class international connectivity.

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