As Cebu City, Philippines is lauded as an emerged destination for quality business process outsourcing services and staff, it is imperative that the urban center should protect itsĀ “professional image” by addressing issues on environment, waste management and control.

On this regard, local government units are taking steps to the beautification and propagation of information on proper care, disposal and segregation of litter and garbage.

Last Saturday, December 12, The 21st Coastal Clean Up and 17th Urban Clean Up were launched by the Cebu Coastline and Management Board (CCMB) and City River Management Council.

Thirty-six urban barangays and sixteen coastal barangays have taken part in these activities aimed to disseminate information on the proper segregation of garbage wastes.

The information campaign drive can be done speedily with the help of the barangay officials and other sectors.

The urban cleanup will include the cleaning of dengue breeding grounds.

It was recommended to recycle garbages and sell these to help the barangays raise funds.



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Augusto, Jemarie. “52 barangays in Cebu City to join cleanups.” 11 December 2010. Cebu Daily News. Accessed 13 December 2010. Link Here.


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