Cebu is now the home of large business process outsourcing (BPO) multinationals such as JP Morgan, Wipro, Accenture, NEC Telecoms, NCR, and others, including those big call center firms like Stream Global, TeleTech, Convergys, and the like, so it just proper for the local executives of these companies to group together and form an industry organization.

Some BPO multinationals have already expressed some of their concerns in the local level, like the scarcity of mid-management manpower supply that will need a strong support from the local academe sector, and other support industries.

This problem, among others will be easily solved, if BPO firms will have its own Business Support Organization (BSO) that will work closely with concerned government agencies in the local level, as well as other business groups and multi-sectoral organizations.


Such a BSO is the The Contact Center Association of the Philippines (CCAP) which is presently focus on establishing a chapter in Cebu by 2011, as the BPO industry in the province has come into maturity.

BPO players in Cebu should be organized in order to have its own voice on the issues and concerns of the BPO industry in the Philippines.

At present, the industry want to be heard by the government, especially in terms of cost of doing business and review of incentives given to BPO players, among others. The two major issues that will be addressed by the industry together with the government is to sustain the talent pool and minimize the cost of doing business in the Philippines.

Thus, CCAP also works with the foreign chambers in the Philippines, in its advocacy on “holiday” proclamation by the government this particular issue affects the cost of doing business here. The Philippine government should be more careful in pronouncing non-working holidays, as it largely hit the cost of doing business, specifically for the BPO sector.



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