The technology business incubator (TBI) project of the University of the Philippines-Cebu, The Cebu Business Incubator for IT (CebuinIT) has launches its pre-incubation program for technology start-ups.

For the initial launch of the program, CebuinIT sponsors five start-ups in six months cubicle space for six months and basic services that include trainings related to information technology-based business.

Since the program’s soft launch, about 20 groups and individuals have expressed their interest in the program and almost half have already submitted their requirements.

The CebuinIT program with the Department of Science and Technology hope to attract technology start-ups that involved in research and development on innovative, unique products and services in open source software, IT project management or software engineering.

Graduating IT students from major universities are also welcome to submit their projects to the CebuinIT.

CebuinIT aims to be most successful “inter-disciplinary” incubation in the Philippines by helping technology enterprises become sustainable through commercialization of technology innovation.



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Cacho, Katlene. “UP IT incubator launches program.” 29 October 2010. The Sun Star Cebu. Accessed 31 october 2010. Link Here.


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