Organized by the Cebu Educational Development Foundation for Information Technology, in cooperation with Sun.Star Publishing Inc, “Getting Started in Your IT/BPO business” forum was the venue for discussions on opportunities and issues on Cebu’s economic growth and strengthen the position of Cebu City as the preferred destination for BPO and IT investments.

During this forum, a representative from the Business Process Association of the Philippines (BPAP) presented that talent development and marketing are two of the main areas the industry will prioritize for the IT-BPO Road Map 2011-2016, business process outsourcing and information technology (BPO/IT) agenda for the entire Philippines.

While Manila and Cebu’s inclusion in the Tholon’s Top 10 Emerged Outsourcing Cities in 2010 will pave the way for more investments in the country, there is still a need to accelerate talent development and obtain stronger support from the government to meet key goals in the BPO industry.

According to the BPAP, talent profile, infrastructure, and favorable business environment were among the top three factors that made investors choose the country over other BPO destinations.

The Philippines is also in the best position to take over India on voice BPO. The voice BPO sector still accounts for a huge share in the BPO industry, followed by back-office/knowledge process outsourcing (non-voice BPO) and IT outsourcing.

Aside from improving the quantity and quality of its workforce, the industry should work on driving standards and accreditation to ensure a better match between the skills of the graduates and the requirements of the industry.

The BPAP believes a strengthened private-public-partnership to fund key programs is also needed to attain the industry’s goal.



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Cacho, Katlene. “Group to focus on training, marketing to hit BPO target.”21 November 2010.  Sun Star Cebu. Accessed 22 November 2010. Link Here.


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