Leader in Internet security and management development, Kaspersky Lab removed the Philippines from a top list of 20 countries that received malware attacks.

In another list of countries with servers that host malicious applications, the Philippines slid from eighth place in the first quarter of 2010 to 18th place in the next quarter.

The company credits this positive trend to the initial efforts of both the private and public sectors to regulate information technology (IT) to avoid cyber terrorism, which damage industries and the government agencies.

IT has become a major part of people’s lives as computers and the Internet are used not only for businesses, but also for personal interactions. For the Internet to be a safer place for both businesses and private individuals, there must be more government control.

The Philippines is encouraged to develop a stronger mechanism to protect information technology as new and more deadly malicious software are being spread to sabotage computer systems and networks, such as the peer-to-peer (P2P) worm Palevo, which also serves as bot-client.

The efficient Palevo worm infects a computer ang gains control of it to spread through instant messengers, flash drives and peer-to-peer applications, such as file transfers.

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Osorio, Elisa. “Russian IT expert warns RP against cyber terrorism”. 29 November 2010. The Philippine Star. Accessed 30 November 2010. Link Here.


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