I. Indian executives tend to be indirect.

They may hesitate to push back if you ask something unreasonable of them or their team . They may also be reticent about sharing bad news with you.

It is best to actively listen and probe for what remains unsaid so that you won’t be vulnerable due to lack of information.

II. Be prepared. With its current volatile economy, anything can happen in India.

Never assume any business relationship is permanent. Plan for what will happen if a sudden or accelerated termination becomes necessary.

III. Travel to India is a necessity.

If strategically important work is being performed in India for your company, visit and inspect the work environment  at least once a year. Have your trusted executives inspect the workplace twice a year.

It does not matter if the employees are in your company’s captive facility in India, or working under a large outsourcer, or the staff of an India-based provider, one can’t fully appreciate the workforce’s potential and their realities by reading/listening to reports sent to your conference room. Better see it with your own eyes.


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