.Constantly ranking high in the list of  “emerging” cities for outsourcing, Cebu ranked ninth in the 2010 Tholons list of premier outsourcing cities.

“It’s a totally different ballgame. It means Cebu has met all the international criteria.”

Joel Mari Yu, managing director of Cebu Investments Promotion Center.

A statement from Tholons described Cebu and Shanghai, the new entrants to the top 10, as cities that have “shown service delivery maturity in their niche outsourcing services.”

Tholons is a services globalization investment and advisory firm and this year makes a list of top 100 cities, instead of its usual top 50.

For the past two years, Cebu ranked first in the “emerging cities” category but now landing on the “emerged” list means Cebu is now a more developed and established global outsourcing city.

“We are one of the best 10 cities. This will attract more investors. With this recognition, the city needs to prepare human resources for more investors. If we continue to grow by 30 percent per year, then we will almost double the current 45,000 heads.”

Jun Saa, executive director, Cebu Educational Foundation for IT (Cedfit)


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