Global outsourcing leader Accenture expands operations in the Philippines through three new sites, including a second office within Cebu City’s Robinson Cybergate Mall.
The opening of the three sites in the Philippines will contribute to the strategic growth of Accenture.

“The Philippines is a strategic part of Accenture’s global operations. It is our third largest geography after India and the United States. We will continue to invest and grow in the country not only to serve our clents in the global stage but the locals of the country as well,”
— William D. Green, Accenture chairman and chief executive officer

“Cebu is part of the strategic growth in the Philippines. (It is the) prime location for talent for BPO and technology.”
— Manolito Tayag, country managing director, Accenture-Philippines.

Accenture, which specializes in application management, systems management and IT-outsourced services, also positions itself as a human capital company that attracts, trains and deploy talents.

The company also strengthens its corporate citizenship program with a central focus on “Skills to Succeed”, a company program designed to educate people and help build skills that enable them to participate in and contribute to Accenture.

Also in Cebu, Accenture has partnered with Passerrelles Numeriques (Digital Bridges), a French non-profit organization, to provide college-equivalent IT education to underprivileged youth with potential.



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