Here are five tips to take advantage of Social Networking Sites for your enterprise’ brand.



1. Your social media accounts can be your brand’s welcome mat to the whole world.

Politicians have used this successfully in their campaigns for public office to gain support and so could you, for your products and services.

Create a viral campaign where your initial base of fans/supporters are motivated to invite their friends or networks to rally behind your brand.

2. Social media is the best form of advertising.

It is “word of mouth” for the 21st century. If you’re not on social media, or your business does not have a social media page, make one.

You could be missing out on the most effective and efficient modern advertising medium. People are hooked on their social media accounts everyday, the very same people that who are popular, who could spark fads and trends.

The truly best part of it is, it’s FREE.

3. Spot the Trends.

As it is a microcosm of the real world, you can spot trends and popular thinking via social media . What do people say about current events, are they concerned about local and global issues, fashion and technology.

Get feedback their feedback straight and fast, it can be empowering.

4. Get to know people as people.

Social media is a great way to research on people. It could allow you to see the real side of people, not the personalities they put on for work, but how they are like.

Knowing your obstacles is 90 percent of the battle.  Social media can be a endless mine of information, knowing where people’s interests lie could help you position your brand better.

5. Keyword to success.

Before it was location, location location but thanks to social media, it’s a whole new ballgame, with a whole new power word: Network, network, network.

Keep relationships alive even with people you are not able to see often. It broadens your network, and in business, your deals is only as good as your network.


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