The Bureau of  Investments (BOI) of the Philippines advocates the business processing industry in the country to foreign investors.

In the recently concluded Philippine-Russian Business Forum held last weekend in Cebu, Philippines– managing head of the Bureau as well as undersecretary for Industry and Investments recommends Russian investors to outsource  to the Philippines citing many advantages.

The advantages cited were:

• The Philippines’ workforce features the best  talents in computer software design, animation and othe skill sets. College graduates are flexible and easily trained in learning new skills and languages.

• Costs for business operations in the country could cost less, up to 50 percent, compared to anywhere else.

• Government support as BOI sees the sector as a booming source of revenue with increasing potential.

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Reference: Aznar, Mia. “BOI, Language not a hindrance to outsourcing to RP.” 24 October 2010. Sun Star Cebu. Accessed 27 October 2010. Link Here


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