Every year, the United Kingdom (UK)’s association and center for excellence in all areas of outsourcing the National Outsourcing Association (NOA) seeks out the best and the brightest in both outsourcing end users and suppliers in categories such as Outsourcing professional, outsourcing service provider and contact center.

Guess who won NOA’s Offshoring Destination of the Year?

The Philippines!

In the running for 2010 Offshoring Destination were the Egypt, the Philippines, Sri Lanka and Ukraine.

The criteria for the off-shoring destination of the year includes the advantages of the country that would appeal for companies in the UK; the level of UK market penetration; the specialty areas of outsourcing of the country as well as recommendations from actual UK companies that outsource to the destination.

In all these factors, the Philippines earned top marks and was awarded NOA Offshoring Destination for 2010.

This is the second, consecutive year that the country has received this honor.



Outsourcing Solutions, Inc. – your outsourcing partner!
“NOA 2010 Finalists and Winners.” The National Outsourcing Association Accessed 28 October 2010. Link Here.


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