As we all know, the past 12 – 24 months have been the roughest economic times most of us will ever see in our lifetime. Large corporations have had to make the difficult decision to lay off thousands of employees just to stay afloat.  Small businesses haven’t been so “lucky”.  These businesses are typically dependent on a smaller number of employees who already wear multiple hats within the business.   For them, a decision to cut staff means that they now have trouble providing their services and in many cases just end up closing their doors.

So how can some of these small businesses survive? Outsourcing! Unfortunately, many small business owners aren’t aware that they too can take advantage of outsourcing or they don’t know where to start. Others may even fear outsourcing because it is something so foreign to them (pardon the pun).  But taking that leap into outsourcing might mean the difference between survival and demise. And being able to manage your costs will not only help you survive the recession but when the economy starts growing again (which it will) you will come out more profitable then you were prior to the recession.  So the key for these small businesses is to arm themselves with knowledge about how they can leverage outsourcing to their advantage.

With a little creativity, these small business owners can take a look at the functions of their employees and try to consolidate all of those roles that can be done remotely.  They can then create job descriptions for these new positions, and look to outsourcing companies who provide dedicated employees to fill these roles.  These types of companies will allow you to take advantage of the cost savings of outsourcing while maintaining control over your employee.  But small business owners should make sure they do their due diligence when selecting an outsourcing partner. They should look for companies who have western management, redundant business-grade internet, back-up power sources, etc.  They should also be sure to speak with a principal of that company before making their final selection to make sure they feel comfortable with their new business partner.

When times are tough, a little creative reorganization can go a long way to helping you survive.  The global marketplace isn’t just for large corporations with vast resources anymore.  Use those resources to not only survive the recession, but hopefully to also come out more profitable.

Jeff Hintze
Phil-Am Outsourcing Solutions, Inc.


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