Marketing departments are presently driven to reduce spending for their brands yet maintain consistency and drive profit back to the company. That’s one tall order to serve!

However, there is a viable solution: Outsourcing.

Through outsourcing, the first requirement of reducing costs can be easily achieved, while for the following two requirements are also achievable but it takes due diligence and professional commitment.  A business organization CAN successfully outsource their marketing operations.

And here are 7 ways to go about it, according to Anurag Mehrotra, VP Corporate Marketing at WNS Global Services.

1. Get a sponsor to promote the viability of marketing outsourcing; preferrably a professional who can prove what s/he’s preaching.

2. Get the Chief Marketing Officer on to back-up the adoption of marketing outsourcing.

3. Get clarifications on what should and should not be outsourced. This is a tried-and-proven practice in outsourcing. It bears reminding.

4.  Get small-to-medium services provider and work your scale up.

5. Get every delivery options available.

6. Get a working governance structure and make it go.

7. Get publicity on the positive fruits of the outsourcing initiative once these come.

To know more of these 7 success tips, check these out here


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