Here what’s buzzin’ in India’s information technology and business process outsourcing (IT/BPO) sector: India faces strong competition from China in cost-effective software & development, India’s third largest IT company Wipro bags 7-year US contract, Infosys banks on getting big revenue on platform-based offers and Aegis builds new campuses for business and employees.

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China versus India on Software

China enacts policies tp promote and develop software exportsw which causes alarm for India as the latter complains on the former’s  unfair trade practices, selling software products at low prices on the strength of state subsidies. Along with other nations, India has imposed anti-dumping duty on Chinese goods that are sold at low prices.

Wipro enters 7 year IT contract with US insurance company

Wipro Technologies, India’s third largest software/IT firms, partners with US-based insurance firm Main Street America Group for a 7 year business engagement. Main Street America provides commercial, personal insurance to individuals, families and small enterprises in 24 states..

Wipro will provide Main Street America software solutions in applications, development, maintenance and quality assurance.

Infosys banks on new pay-per-use biz model

India’s second largest software exporter, Infosys breaks free from the conventional model of effort or time and material-based business model to a new client-engagement in which clients pay for what they use and  the business results achieved as an effort to attract more business.

Customers are presently seeking ways to lower capital expenditure. One way is the adoption of the pay-as-you-go model of service providers.

Aegis plans on more expansion

Aegis-Essar Global will invest about USD80 million in new tech campuses for business, employees and plans for further expansion into service delivery centers around the world.

The new Aegis tech business campuses will be sprawling parks that will be home to BPO units, entertainment facilities, gyms, swimming pools and residential complexes.

Aegis is also setting up more BPO centers in global destinations in Africa, continental Europe and South America. The international expansion strategy has already placed centers in the United States, Costa Rica, the Philippines, Sri Lanka, United Kingdom and Ireland to gain access into these markets.


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