Let’s check up on what’s happening now with India Inc.’s information technology (IT) outsourcing sector, what’s happening to it now that could give insight to its future.

India’s IT outsourcing companies’ stock prices fell into a trough during the downturn, however now with the recovery in developed markets– the stocks are up by as much as 300 percent. Here’s an evaluation on the stock health of India’s IT outsourcing sector and the companies that comprise it.

Chair-Managing Director of Mastek, an IT company in Mumbai, and 2007’s CNBC Asia-India Business Leader Awardee Sudhakar Ram believes the “third wave” of India’s IT outsourcing can help countries like the United States recover from the crisis in finances.

Read more here on Sudhakar Ram’s insights on how Indian IT outsourcers can help global clients in the financial industries of developed countries modernize themselves out of recession.


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