From Economic Times of India-Infotech section, “the Data Security Council of India (DSCI) announced it will soon begin implementation of data security and privacy practices in some of the big ticket IT/BPO firms serving overseas clients. Also, the DSCI plan to introduce certification mark that shall act as a trusted mark for India’s outsourcing industry within a year.”

Can anyone note the lack of urgency?

With clients these days becoming more and more cautious and critical when it comes to privacy and data security, I don’t think the DSCI of Nasscom has the luxury to be as laid-back as this news article made them appear to be.

This planned implementation of security regulations and certification should have been implemented yesterday, nay , it should have been months ago. NASSCOM should be stepping up as India is indeed the leader of outsourcing, they should lead.

And here’s something for a heads-up to firms and companies based in the United States.

Though the US Congress is still at odds on whether or not anti-offshoring legislation are going to be passed as law, it would be in your best interests to prepare yourself just in case by updating your contracts with your service providers.

There are three options companies, which are clients to outsourcing providers, can do:

  1. Modify the “change in laws” provisions that should be included in contracts to address compliance issues.
  2. Include a right to benchmark clause if services need to be altered as a result of legislative changes.
  3. To work with service providers who have significant U.S. operations, in the event that they’re forced to move work onshore.


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