New jobs or professions in Information Technology are cropping as there is growing demand for individuals with experience and expertise in a variety of new technologies emerge and evolve– such as software-as-a-service, virtualization, network security and social media.

And one of these new IT job specializations is the Sourcing Specialist.

A Sourcing Specialist is a IT personnel or manager who’s well-versed in the options that outsourcing and offshoring can offer to organizations and help their employers gain the advantages, particularly in software license management, contract negotiations with new or current vendors and service performance.

A Sourcing Specialist helps in the decision-making process whether or not a particulary outsourcing/offshoring option is a good fit for the company’s goals.

And once a decision is made for outsourcing, monitor the performance diligently and mitigate the risk before these become trouble for the client company.

Sourcing Specialists work in-house simultaneously on multi-level projects that demand close knowledge of core business processes while anaging off shore teams or other outsourcers

Ironically though Sourcing Specialists work with outsourcers, this is the kind of profession that’s most likely NOT to be outsourced.


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