Industry watcher and analyst firms Fitch and Gartner report that things are looking up this year 2010.

It’s a positive forecast for 2010. Expect the Good Times to come slowly back for business and technology.

Credit rating agency Fitch reportĀ  big IT players would witness a gradual rise in revenue in 2010 as global demand for IT and related services improve.

IT services revenues are bound to stem from growth opportunitiesin health care, telecommunications and Internet security. Also expect a revival in demand from the banking, financial services and insurance sector.

Gartner pretty much said the same thing, throwing in figures to back up the forecast. IT spending is expected to reach $3.4 trillion in 2010, a 4.6 percent increase from 2009.

IT spending in emerging markets in South America, the Middle East-Africa and Asia Pacific is expected to lead the way, with spending forecast to grow 9.3 percent, 7.7 percent and Africa and 7 percent respectively.

However, expect the IT spending boom to start late in Recovery in Western Europe, the United States and Japan, as Western Europe increases possibly by 5.2 percent, the US growing potentially at 2.5 percent, and Japan increasing perhaps by 1.8 percent.


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