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2009: A Retrospective into Philippine ICT

Here’s a review (1 of 2) from January 2009 to May 2009 of the events that highlighted (and lowlighted) the Philippines’ information communication technology.

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BPO on the Go

IBM Philippines recently opened Innovation Center at the UP-Ayala Techno Hub in Quezon City as a testament that the country’s BPO sector has indeed joined the big league, being the second top outsourcing destination in the world after India.

Read more here how the Philippines’ BPO industry is a major growth economic engine that has to be maintained with further development.

Convergys Philippines cited

US Ambassador to the Philippines Kristie Kenney cited Convergys Corporation during her recent meeting with its top executives at the Convergys One facility in Makati City to review the company’s growing presence in the country.

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Outsourcing Success in 4 smart steps

When one outsources IT/business processes, there are many critical factors to watch out for in order to ensure the success of the outsourced service strategy. There are four tried-tested-and-proven actions one can take to make this success a reality.

  1. Know your requirements.
  2. Specify your expectations.
  3. Ensure the outsourcer/service provider meets your needs.
  4. Stay up-to-date.

Learn more about these mitigating actions here.

China powers up in risk mitigation

Emphasis on business continuity, off-shore operations risk management and disaster recovery push outsourcing businesses to diversify their offshore delivery services, particulary businesses in China cities. Read more on this here

Multi-sourcing, easy to get in, hard to get out?

Multi-sourcing can have potential merits, according to many outsourcing clients and analysts, but exiting such arrangements can be prohibitively expensive– an outsourcing adviser warns. Learn more about this possibly costly exit here.


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