A majority of CEOs, COOs and CIOs view IT as an important assistance in their companies’ efforts to achieve recovery.

This is according to the global study produced by Accenture with the Economist Intelligence Unit which proves that IT is greatly valued today in the corporate world that before the global financial crisis.

The Accenture-Economist Intelligence survey was conducted in August and September 2009. Five hundred fifty-sevenĀ  senior executives around the world took part in the survey, mostly emphasizing that cost savings and control will remain a key driver in IT investments.

Here’s a summary of the survey’s results:

63 percent of respondents overall – expect increased investment within the year while they will closely monitor the returns.

81 percent of respondents overall – are under increased pressure to deliver projects that are more flexibile than what was previously required.

87 percent of US respondents – feel this demand to deliver more flexible projects, more than their European counterparts.

44 percent believe that server virtualization and consolidation will be a pressing priority.

32 percent expect significant funding for e-business.

31 percent expect significant funding for service-oriented architecture.

From the survey, three measures were identifiedĀ  by the respondents as most effective in reducing the cost of IT projects:

  1. ensuring stability and business relevance of project requirements;
  2. the replacement or rationalization of existing systems, and;
  3. movement to open platforms.


“Firms look to IT to restore strength amid crisis.” 11 January 2010. The Sun Star Daily. Accessed 13 January 2010. Link Here

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