Through the Internet and electronic commerce, small businesses can match the potential of large multinational firms however technology may not be enough to ensure success.

If small-to-medium enterprises are to succeed in the e-commerce market on a global level, it is importance for them to forge strong, stable local and global partnerships.

It’s time to team up.

Through combining one’s resources with those of other local enterprises, such as banks and merchants for various services for remittances, savings, loans, bills payments, allows growth in the market and expansion of the sales force.

Aside from domestic partnerships, there is the need to form global partnerships. By reaching out to global experts, small-to-medium businesses will not only have access to funding support but can learn about global best practices.

Continued partnerships are also the constant thrust for business development as working with  various partners, ideas will come and  with customer feedback, results in product or services innovation.


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