Despite being relatively ‘young’ compared to other business technology, software as a service (SaaS) and cloud computing have become viable mainstream business models within the year.

Director of ThinkStrategies Jeffrey Kaplan counts ten key events in 2009 that marks off the fast-paced growth of Saas and cloud computing.

10. Gartner identifies cloud computing the top strategic technology for 2010, making it valid and visible as a key industry trend.

9. presents its very own social computing strategy, Chatter– an enterprise-class alternative  to Facebook and Twitter.

8. Marc Benioff makes a presentation at Oracle OpenWorld, promoting the benefits of on-demand and on-premise software integration in hybrid operating environments, recasting SaaS as a natural progression of the market.

7.  Dell becomes a SaaS reseller.

6. Amazon and Google fortify SLAs to fend off  growing cloud computing competitors.

5. Oracle offers to buy Sun Microsystems as a catalyst for improving on cloud computing.

4. Intacct establishes alliance with the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants (AICPA).

3. LucidEra fails.

2. Xactly Acquires Centive.

1. surpasses US$1 billion in revenue, proving that SaaS is a scalable business model.

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Kaplan, Jeffrey. “Top 10 Cloud Computing Flashpoints of 2009.” 11 December 2009. E-commerce News. Accessed 13 November 2009. Link Here


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