The New Year is a time for fresh starts and new beginnings.

For executives and enterpreneurs wanting to start new projects or new businesses, it is wisely advised to start things small as it is more important to begin rather than fully planning out every detail.

When contemplating the start of a new venture,, many people become hesitant to begin because they can’t comprehend the entire process. One shouldn’t expect to understand what it takes to get to the top, just take the next small step forward and see where it goes.

There are three reasons why one should start small:

1. It provides encouragement to get started without the feeling of being overwhelmed.  Accomplishing a small step helps provide the motivation one needs to achieve the next step.

2. Small steps allow concentration and prioritization. The saintly Mother Teresa once said,  “If you can’t feed a thousand, then feed one.” That is profound advice for  those starting out with their endeavors and efforts in business.

3. It provides the necessary steps to take the next step. One can only expand one’s enterprise through doing and moving.

Do not despise those single small steps, just take them. One would be surprised where they’re going to lead.



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