Hollywood movie production expand to outsourcing companies, based in Cebu City-Philippines, seeking the able assistance and expertise of Cebuano artists.

Cebuano graphic artists contributed the conceptualization designs for Hollywood box-office hits such as Rambo, Spiderman,  Iron Man, Saw IV and many more hit movies in the US.

With its growing pool of talented graphic artists, Cebu has the potential to attract the multi-billion-dollar Hollywood outsourcing market.

Cebuano multimedia artists can perform editing, visual effects and other animation solutions. Talents in Cebu with backgrounds in fine arts and high computer literacy can be trained to reach  the cinematic standards of Hollywood.

However, most professional artists decide to leave the Philippines and land high-paying jobs in Canada, Dubai, Singapore and the United States.

To deal with the exodus of much-needed talent, this “brain drain”, VersaGrafx Designs Phils Inc. which has been doing conceptualization and designing jobs for film promotional materials of movie production companies, plans to invest in Cebu’s talent through setting up a 100-seat Graphic Arts Academy by early 2010.

Disciplines in Graphic Design and Multimedia Arts provide the most in-demand jobs in the world, yet is somewhat oversighted by some educational institutions in Cebu.

Keep tuning to Outsourcing Opinions as we will keep tabs on this development here in Cebu, Philippines.

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