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Today’s batch include insight on the Philippines’ hold on global BPO awareness, lessons that can be learned from outsourcing power India and how Cebu business is refining a culture of tourism.

Learn from India

What has made India a powerhouse in the global outsourcing arena? Know the answers to the question here

Philippines who?

The Philippines may no longer at the top of choices among foreign companies seeking to outsource off-shore their business functions if nothing is done to widen and improve global awareness of what the country has to offer when it comes to services and staff solutions.

Learn more about the concern here

However those foreign companies in the know of what the Philippines’ potential is have already started expansion plans, like California-based UST Global, which has the biggest software workforce in the Indian province of Kerala, is all set to expand operations in the Philippines by recruiting 1,000 professionals in IT and software development. Read more about this development here

KPO goes to Cebu

Since the island city of Cebu, Philippines has once again clinched the top spot of the 2009 Global Services-Tholons study on emerging global outsourcing destinations for BPO, the province aims to achieve another feather in their cap, now in knowledge process outsourcing in business intelligence, financial analysis and legal counsel.

Read more about this aim here

Further sharpening Cebu’s advantage in attracting business and tourists worldwide, The Department of Tourism (DOT) along with other concerned tourism prime-movers in Cebu are continually advocating for a more refined “culture of tourism” in the province.  Read more about this here


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