Customer relationship management (CRM) consist of methods of interaction with customers.

The information collected via CRM can be used for promotion and surveys, such as polling for customer satisfaction. CRM methodology include employee training and specific functions software, handling incoming customer communication like phone calls and e-mail.

CRM Initiatives often fail because implementation was limited to software installation, without providing the context, support and training for employees.

A good CRM solution can help businesses when it can automatically access accurate customer information and use this information to customize communication and build relationships, then sales can increase dramatically.

Find out how CRM can bring value to everyone in the company, not only just the salespeople, here

Many companies also acquire CRM consulting services like they acquire and install hardware– via fixed price. However this can be not the right model for every business, no matter how good a price one can get, when requirements can be challenging to satisfy.

Learn how to determine when the fixed price of CRM consulting services is not right for your business and how to acquire best value for your needs here


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