Cebu, Philippines is the premier BPO off-shore destination, whose facilities, services and human resources are prized by clients from around the world, from Japan to the United States, across the Atlantic, the United Kingdom and the European continent.

Learn more on the the continuous growth of businesses, especially updates on the upsurge of Business Process Outsourcing companies housed here in Cebu.

Good Communication System serve solid foundation for BPO boom

Global System for Mobile Communications Association (GSMA) Senior Director for services Jaikishan Rajaraman states that a well-established communications system leads to better business growth.

In Cebu, with BPO emerging, the need for stable communications system is a definite must since this is essential component of BPO operations. Rajaraman emphasizes that with good, reliable communications,  more investors would be encouraged to  come and place their businesses here in Cebu.

GSMA represents the worldwide mobile communications industry in 219 countries with almost 800 of the world’s mobile operators as members.

Knowledge Process Outsourcing – Cebu to become MBA Hub

Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) industry players watch as Cebu develops a plan to positioning itself as MBA (Masters in Business Administration) hub in Southern Philippines, in order to attract higher value outsourcing investments, particularly in Knowledge Process Outsourcing (KPO).

Currently, investment, financial  and business analysis are being outsourced, and the Philippines has the capacity to capture this multi-million-dollar industry, as long as it has enough qualified professionals.

Cebu recognizes its limitations in providing qualified human resources to BPO investors, particularly  in the lack of middle-management or supervisory positions.

Part of the MBA Hub plan is to establish the first University of the Philippines-MBA school designed solely for the call center agents and BPO workers, such as schedule of classes can be adjusted for the students’ convenience.

Dutch software depends on Cebu’s developers

Availability of capable software developers with impressive support for outsourcing investment by the local government has encouraged Lighthouse Holdings B.V., a Dutch outsourcing company, to select Cebu as its second software development and data processing facility in Asia.

“We’re here because we need a qualified team. So far we have found very good people. Culturally, it’s much easier to operate here. The software developers here also speak English very well, and that is their main advantage, We have already conducted a trial (operation) for data services from our Cebu office, and the customers were very happy with the results.

We will build a multi-disciplinary team here that provides web solutions from start to end, and this will sustain the group in the next 10 to 15 years.”

Willem-Geert Lagemaat, Chief executive officer (CEO), Lighthouse Holdings B.V.

Lighthouse Software Cebu Inc. currently employs 12 software developers. The PhP17-million facility targets to employ a total of 50 programmers and software developers in the coming few months.

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