Cebu City, Philippines – The local academe is driven to prepare ready-to-hire Information, Communication and Technology (ICT) graduates.

This year, at least 65 percent of the total graduates land in ICT jobs.

With the hiring rate of the industry for ICT at 29 to 33 percent, this is a good indication that ICT courses of Cebu’s educational institutions matches the industry requirements, although companies may still have to implement initial training for refinement.

Cebu becomes an emerging ICT destination for animation, digital imaging, software programming, Computer-Aided Design (CAD), hardware troubleshooting, web design and software development;  due to the strong support and pro-active academe sector that’s keeping current with the ever-changing frontier of technology, providing graduates with in-demand skills.

Global outsourcing research firm Tholons chief executive officer (CEO) and founder Avinash Vashista announced during his latest visit to Cebu that the island’s quality manpower supply is an important advantage. Though in terms of quantity, Cebu lags behind China and India, the IT employees of Cebu have been proven and prized as world-class quality.

Sharing Vashista’s sentiments is NorthgateArinso, a human resources solutions company based in United Kingdom which recognizes the Filipino talent and expertise in the global arena of human resources business process outsourcing.

NorthgateArinso aims to make its Philippine delivery center an avenue to merge Filipino personnel with training in state-of-the-art technology to establish new global standards. The UK company affirms that the Philippines is the smartest choice for multinational companies.


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