In today’s modern global businessplace, the Internet plays a pivotal role in making work possible in any location, thus outsourcing and off-shoring has become quite common and quite effective for many business people, entrepreneurs and enterprises, to acquire resources from any corner in the globe.

Particularly in the field of business processes as well as IT software development, one can manage a team comprising of profesional individuals living thousands of miles apart and putting their efforts together to create a product and services. This type of remote management requires a above-standard set of skills and technologies.

I found expert advice on how to supervise a group of workers that is geographically diverse can be less of a challenge when one just use the right tools.

Founder-CEO of Elementool, a Software as a Service project management developer, Yaron Sinai writes that there are 3 basic issues that causes problems in typical outsourcing management:

  1. Communication
  2. Sharing Information
  3. Setting Expectations

These common issues can be best handled by utilizing tools, like project management software to ensure communication is cultivated through orums, chat applications, file-sharing and shared calendars. Shared calendars,in particular, makes planning conferences easier since one can determine the schedule when the other participants are available to attend.

Reminders of upcoming deadlines can be quietly relayed to team members through automated e-mail updates. This can improve productivity without adding pressure.

The bottom-line is the technology is already here to help an enterprise or employer manage off-facility or off-shore talents and to ensure that they perform productively for the success of the project. Use project management software and services for one’s business advantage.

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Sinai, Yaron. “Management from Afar – Coaching a Team of Remote Workers.” 5 October 2009. CRM News. Accessed 6 October 2009. Link Here


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