Due to the impact of the global economic recession in the United States and in the United Kingdom, India’s offshore services providers have started accessing newer markets less exposed to the detrimental effects of recession such as in Asia, in Europe and in Latin America.

Outsourcing’s Tiger is on the prowl, looking for prized game in grounds closer to home.


Local IT firms now focus more on the domestic market, in sectors such as India’s banking, telecommunications, insurance, government and utilities.

Presently, there is a weak presence of information technology (IT) in the organized public sector. With falling costs in hardware, in broadband services and improvements in bandwidth, local Indian public agencies as well as private businesses and companies could be encouraged to increase their IT budgets.

IT projects in government, telecommunications and the banking, financial and insurance services sectors are a few of the strong industry growth verticals India Inc. has yet to fully take advantage of.

Such domestic projects, often large-scale, offer opportunities to move up the value chain in terms of skills and expertise, helping Indian IT firms develop credibility and capabilities that can be leveraged in other emerging markets like Brazil and newer markets like Africa.

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