In a previous Outsourcing Opinions article, “BPO-Outsourcing Business Intelligence”, it was discussed the important need to establish business intelligence (BI) protocols in small-to-medium enterprises (SMEs) to compete effectively to today’s markets. A means to achieve this efficient implementation is through outsourcing BI.

Now,an Aberdeen Analyst Insight further supports the SME market’s potential inĀ  using business intelligence (BI) tools.

While organizations of such size typical work with lesser resources and less-developed IT skill sets, their need for business insight through tools like business intelligence is just as extensive as any multinational.

Many organizations today push for substantial performance improvements through efficient business intelligence analysis.

An informative article in CRM News by Max Gladstone discuss this SME need for effective business intelligence in depth. Mr. Gladstone further advise that small-to-medium enterprises should:

  1. Establish a process to determine the specific information/details the business intelligence tool/solution should deliver for analysis.
  2. Cultivate a culture of data in the business system, in the personnel.
  3. Comprehend that business intelligence is a process that evolves.

Business Intelligence is no longer just the tool for the Big Co’s, SMEs can now acquire the save competitive advantage that proper implementation and utilization of business intelligence can give.

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Gladstone, Max. “Think, then Measure: Business Intelligence in the Small-to-Medium Business.” 1 October 2009. CRM News. Accessed 4 October 2009. Link Here


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