Business analysts of the outsourcing sectors expect increasing consolidation of the information technology (IT) services market as several telecom network providers and tech equipment manufacturers like Dell and Xerox target IT services providers’ revenue streams.



AMR Research determines a trend that spell the end between match-ups between computer makers and service providers as Dell, Hewlitt-Packard and IBM are already in the outsourcing services industry. Major corporations like Cisco, EMC as well as telecommunication giants AT&T and VerizonĀ  are seeing the value of acquiring businesses in IT services.

Because of this, it is most likely that some midsize IT service providers would merge with each other to get bigger or become more specialized. Gartner Research expects that off-shore based service providers, like in India and in the Philippines, will be driven to acquire more clients while those service providers based in the Western nations will try to buy each other.

As always, the defining factor of success for such mergers and acquisitions will be, not its price or cost-effectivity but, its ability to deliver high-value outcomes that empower clients for prosperity.

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Overby, Stephanie. “IT Outsourcing: Many Mergers Ahead”. 29 September 2009. CIO. Accessed 1 October 2009. Link Here


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