A few BPO industry executives in India determine that the worst of the global recession is over. By the end of 2009, outsourcing deals are expected to pick up, orders to start coming in.

However, the end of 2009 is still a few months away so the race of outrunning the effects of recession is still far from over. Learn what India IT Inc. has been doing to lighten the load and gain speed over their competitors.

Salary Cuts

As if Indian workers don’t work for relatively less pay than their Western counterparts, now their modest salaries are docked down 7 percent less and they cannot do a thing about it. Despite the decrease in pay, attrition rate has also decreased 15 percent as employees decide to stay put as things could get worse.

Frozen Recruiting

Like any company in the world today, BPO and IT companies like Wipro has temporarily frozen recruitment on new personnel and also slowed down acquiring experienced experts. However they too share an optimistic outlook that things are getting better, that a thaw could be in the works.

Now it’s a question whether these two measures have kept India, Inc. on track and on their way. Competitors are gaining via acquisitions and mergers, with aims to run out Indian BPO out of the race to the finish line.

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