The world’s eyes and ears are tuned to the recent deliberations, discussions and declarations of the 2009 G-20 Summit taking place right now in the David Lawrence Convention Center, Pittsburgh-Pennsylvania, United States.

This is the second G-20 summit held in 2009, the first G-20 summit was held in London last April. In this summit, the previously discussed policies dealing with the global financial recession will be evaluated, new measures might be proposed to stimulate the world’s economy, among which is the radical reformation of the International Monetary Fund.

A succint background on what the G-20 Summit is and what is its importance to world economics is delivered by John Browne through the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review. Read the article here

Major issues such as the conditions and actions of financial institutions, the exit strategy of the central banks from stimulus packages and the debasement of the US dollar that can threaten paper money’s viability are on the table for deliberation.

Since the summit’s done on its turf, US interests may have the home-court advantage but this could be another Trial by Fire for Barack Obama’s Presidency as well as Statemanship.

SO, how it Outsourcing and Off-shoring is concerned?

Proposals are being deliberated on how to end the vast stimulus packages once bank lending resumes, risking hyper-inflation in the face of shrinkage of global trade and the downward spiral of employment, most evident in the United States and in the United Kingdom.

It is possible that outsourcing can be raised as point for contention.

We have to wait and see as the Summit progresses.



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