Since the bombings in Mumbai last year, companies in India have taken it upon themselves to heighten security in order to protect property and personnel, even to the point of hiring paramilitary groups to serve as guards and patrol the grounds and entrances of corporate buildings.

Extermist Actions call for Extreme Counter-measures.


When Infosys Technologies, India’s second-largest IT firm, hired paramilitary troops to protect its sprawling headquarters in Bangalore, others observed that it’s over-kill.

This bolstering of security, to the point that Bangalore’s Silicon Valley looks like Ground Zero, could be a deterrent for foreign investors who might see that Bangalore is a high-risk area.

The fact that companies, like Infosys, had to employ paramilitary troops to ensure security shows they have little or no confidence in their government’s and law enforcement agencies’ actions to protect them from extremist actions.

Could there have been other alternatives to provide security from potential extremist acts or has India Inc.’s been backed up to a corner and pulling out all the stops in the home war against Terror?

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