A prominent stock broker was influential in mismanagement of funds that led to the Satyam accounting scam, a development that has surfaced during India’s Central Bureau of Investigation’s investagation. The agency will be probing into the overseas funds of the computer firm.

Scams and scandals are bad for business continuity yet at the heart of every company there is that potential risk that some of its leaders cannot overcome the temptation of a large monetary reward at the exchange of a ruined corporation, soiled reputation, even jail time.

Presently companies are re-evaluating and emphasizing on their corporate ethics policies and values on their executives and employees, mostly adhering to federal law as well as addressing customer and employee expectations.

I think ethics are important in every day life. I believe if one’s core values are indifferent, self-centered, greedy, just plain “rotten”, then one’s life-path is definitely headed toward ruin. What more of an organization’s?

There’s an interesting article on CIO, sharing how emphasizing on ethics can help corporations steer clear of scandals and the future trend on how information technology can further a company’s ethic objectives. Learn more about this here


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