Is your business enterprise or company presently considering of sending some projects or processes abroad? There are a lot of things to study prior to this, first in particular is the peace situation of the countries you might be forwarding the work.



While searching for business opportunities in Africa, Australian businessman Steve Killelea realized that though there are methods to measure how ‘violent’ a nation’s local situation is– there were no measures to determine how peaceful the country is. Peace matters since it correlates to Prosperity.

Thus, the Global Peace Index (GPI) is born. Presently the GPI indexes 144 countries according to 23 indicators of the presence/absence of peace within and outside a particular nation’s borders.

According to the GPI 2009, New Zealand is the most peaceful country in the world. A lot of northern countries in Europe fill up the Top Ten while Japan is the only country in Asia to rank as the Top 7.

The United States ranks as the 83rd peaceful nation.

China ranks a bit higher as the 74th.

India is a poor 122nd place.

The Philippines places higher than India, at 114th place. It’s still a lot of room for improvement. The current and coming government administrations should prioritize the peace situation of the archipelago. With peace as a strong foundation, long-lasting prosperity can be built.

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