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Making your Business BIG for the World

Some people say that with the Internet and information technology, one can do business with anyone anywhere and at any time. Others say that the old business adage “location matters” does not matter to doing business on a global scale. Location matters more than ever.

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Learn in India, get certified by IBM

IBM, partnered with Stratom IT Solutions, launches an education program that would enable IT professionals and students from around the world to receive IBM certified training in to IT Research and Business Technology giant India.

Learn more about this unique IT education tourism program here

Asia must be One!

According to the Asian Development Bank, countries in Asia must integrate their respective economies to compete better with the rest of the world. When Asia can bridge the gap between prosperous urban sectors with the impoverished ‘slum’ areas, the region could become the world’s only market power.

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The Philippines is the US Link to the ASEAN

Speaking of the importance for regional integration, the Philippines is member of the Association of Southeast Asian Nations or the ASEAN. Recently, US President Barack Obama declared the island nation as its chief coordinator with other nations in the ASEAN during a recent meet between the leaders of state of the two countries.

The United States and the Philippines have been staunch allies in world matters of peace, democracy and economy.

Read more on how the leaders of each administration regard each other on their roles to foster peace and prosperity for the respective benefits of their peoples here


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