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Outsourcing going out?

As any sector of global business, Outsourcing has stumbled on these hard times.

This is because so many companies and firms are looking at other alternatives and cost-cutting measures, not because outsourcing has lost its attractiveness as a strategy. There’s an expectation that once global economies recover, demand will improve.

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US firms demand local delivery from India, Inc.

US clients such as the Bank of America and several state governments ask services vendors such as TCS, Infosys and Wipro to deliver more projects locally to address anti-offshoring sentiments and meet with the Troubled Assets Relief Program (TARP) legislative requirements.

During the past months, at least five new outsourcing contracts had new clauses, which mandated that certain work must be delivered on America’s shores. Learn more about this development here

Infosys seeks opportunities outside India

Infosys Technologies, the second largest IT services export company from India, targets acquisitions overseas rather than in the country. as the company’s opportunity and requirement is more outside India where the challenge for growth lies. Read more about Infosys’ plans here

Philippine business and tourism eyes both India and Russia

The Philippines are also eyeing opportunities abroad.

Tourism stakeholders are focusing on India as a growth market for the tourist business. There are still many areas the Philippine tourism has to develop in order to cater to the unique tastes and needs of Indian clientele. Read more about this development here

The Philippine-Russian Business Forum is the first international gathering of business delegates from the Philippines and Russian Federation.

The Philippine-Russian Business Assembly (PRBAI) invites members of the business community to attend and discuss business relations between the Philippines and Russia. The forum is to be held in the Cebu International Convention Center this August 7. Learn further details here


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