The Internet is a great avenue to use for business!

By just simply using e-mail, a small-to-medium enterpreneur can attract new customers and build up a database of information regarding their personal preferences and buying trends.

Marketing your business’ products and services through e-mail has great business benefits.

  1. Costs wise, it’s inexpensive, compared to flyers and billboards.
  2. It’s fast,
  3. A “personal touch” media.

Presently, many people access to e-mail and today’s generation of cell phones can now access e-mail.

The risk with e-mail marketing is that it is prone to abuse and misuse that can be detrimental to your business’ brand.

There’s an interesting article on performing those particular how-to’s of e-mail marketing.

I especially liked the DO’s and DON’Ts in crafting an e-mail letter, about product updates and promos, that would give the most impact to those customer contacts in the e-mailing list.

  1. Do consider the timing of your offer or updates.
  2. Don’t leave the subject line blank.
  3. Don’t set your subject line in all caps and abuse exclamation points.
  4. Do include an offer at the beginning of the e-mail letter.
  5. Do repeat the offer at the end of the letter.
  6. Don’t forget to include testimonials or reviews of your service or products.
  7. Do test your e-mail marketing offer to a select few  of your subscriber list before sending it out to everyone.
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Roberto, Ardy and Ned. “E-mail marketing for entrepreneurs.” 16 July 2009. The Philippine Daily Inquirer. Accessed 20 July 2009. Link Here


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