Good advice bears repeating and remembering.

Business enterprises and executives can do well to apply continually these good practices in outsourcing:

Mind your knowledge and expertise. Business, technical, and governance criteria must be considered when identifying key skills and resources. This is required for rapid response to unplanned business needs as well as control over future strategy and architecture.

Manage the outsourcing relationship
. Communication of business needs and expectations between the internal staff and the external provider must be clear and continuous. This helps establish and manage realistic expectations. Regular service and contract reviews are a vital part of this process.

Monitor and manage the vendors. IT organizations require dedicated internal resources to monitor service levels, manage change, escalate late trouble tickets, and hold regular service meetings. Attention to detail is essential to obtain good service from the supplier.

Maintain the balance of control and initiative
. An adequately staffed and knowledgeable internal organization within the organization signals independence. This helps drive external providers to deliver service to the contracted quality level and to demonstrate value.

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