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Off-shoring, The Threats and Counter-Tactics

WIth recovery being imminent, now is the best time to review and revise your contracts with your vendors and service providers to ensure your business receives proper protection from threats, such as:

  1. the existing economical environment, such as the focus on cost-cutting may be detrimental to service/product quality.
  2. instability from geographical factors, natural occurences common to the off-shore region such as storms and earthquakes. This may include socio-political factors such as civilian unrest and extremism.
  3. vendor unreliability, companies are prone to fraud and bankruptcy– how secure is your business and your outsourcer?

Learn more on the new tactics to protect your business from these threats here

China, no longer Cost-effective

According to a new study by outsourcing research and consultancy firm AlixPartners, China’s formidable low-cost edge in manufacturing has become very much dulled in some industries. Mexico is a more cost-effective, better bet.

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India Inc., focus on booming business in their own backyard

“There’s no place like home” and India Inc.’s proving that through profit from domestic business. Infosys BPO and Wipro to enter a technological revolution in rural India as well as mine the domestic back-office business that has been booming by more than 33% annually like clock-work.

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Report card required on Cebu BPO

An action plan is being set for Cebu’s prominent business process outsourcing sector that will determine the factors that made the province a premier outsourcing destination in order to ensure those factors are kept well-maintained or improved, a “report card” in a sense.

Learn more about this and more action plans by the Cebu Information Communication and Technology (ICT) Congress here

USD 20 million invested in Cebu BPO

And speaking for report cards, Cebu BPO must still be getting high marks as Aegis PeopleSupport invests nearly USD 20 million in a new business office facility comprising of two midlevel buildings currently in development.  This could be Aegis PeopleSupports mother company Essar’s sign of good faith and confidence in Cebu’s infrastructure and human resources.

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