India BPO expands its operations and employees in off-shore locations in an initiative to profit from key markets as well as pre-empt any seemingly ‘protectionist’ policies.

Take note what’s Tata Consultancy Services (TCS) is up to these days.

The leading IT services provider reports that it is now moving workfrom its domestic centers in India to remote captive facilities and hiring more foreign employees to ensure continuity for its customers. All of these to deal with certain ‘protectionist’ tendencies and measures such as those presently being adopted in the United States, like visa restrictions and imposing tariffs affecting companies in India’s IT sector.

I think that TCS is clever to take advantage of this ‘loophole’ however one questions if such efforts could definitely pay up in the long run, whether the return of investments would prove to be profitable? Then again, it never hurts to build up a good image as job-provider.

I wonder if TCS had it factored in, the number of qualified workers and their standard of living conditions to be taken into account. Remember earlier in the year, Florida-based BPO servicer SYKES had to close down its North Dakota contact center for lack of qualified personnel?

May TCS not encounter a similar hurdle.

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“US protectionism forces TCS to hire more foreigners.” 7 June 2009. Economic Times of India. Accessed 7 June 2009. Link Here


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