Some would claim that the recession of the United States is an unprecedented event but though many have predicted it, I think it was the general consensus that it was unexpected that world’s greatest economy borne out an economic depression nearly a century ago would find itself head towards another one depression and dragging the whole world with it.

I mean, has America forgotten the lessons it was supposed to learn?

I found an interesting column on economic principles that the global financial recession cannot change and only reiterates their importance.

These are lessons that have been learned from past financial crises and depressions and apparently remembering their value is lost in the face of greed and avarice.

The Future cannot be perfectly foreseen. This human factor is the best reason why we should be saving as saving during normal times helps us during difficult times.

Change is the only constant in any financial market. What is profitable today may not be so tomorrow as market conditions can change in favor or not.

Financial value is a RELATIVE concept. There are those who want to invest while others who actively engage in trade. Though both approaches should be seperate as night and day, there is a tendency to cross over and mimic the opposite approach.

Financial markets offer a value-added service but cannot accomodate everything one wants. There are differences present that make markets work in order that differentiated products are offered for different needs.

Market dynamics have means to contain excesses. A blunt reminder that there needs to be a certain responsibility and balance in what we do in these markets, both for our individual portfolios and our collective behaviour as stakeholders. It is important that we identify what we want out of our investments, make sure that our investment objectives are consistent with our own capacities and have the discipline to stay within our means.

Information is supreme in financial markets. Having the right information more than often guarantees you make the right decisions for your savings. It is best to deal with financial institutions that make a clear effort to communicate with you and take the time to keep the lines open.

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Ravalo, Johnny Noet. “Principles the crisis hasn’t changed.” 11 November 2008. The Philippine Daily Inquirer. Accessed 5 June 2009. Link Here


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