Despite the woe of recession all around the world, India is becoming once more the land of opportunity where the tired, the poor, the huddled masses yearning to breathe free from economic oppression, the wretched and the jobless can find hope for the future.


It’s long overdue but social network FACEBOOK has finally opened its doors to India through the support of Hindi and 5 other Indian languages on its site. As the social network targets the overseas market, it hopes that India could be a major base of profitable interactions in Asia.

Likewise US college university graduates, for whom Facebook was originally catered for, are now opting to India for career opportunities. With the job market in the West bleak, these college grads believe that India could be the right platform for growth and learning in austere times.

Many graduates from US and Europe are already enrolled in internships in Tata Consultancy, MindTree and Biocon Biotech. These companies are seeing substantial increases in the population of interns, arriving from abroad. Despite this trend, there is still an exodus of Indian students leaving overseas for internships and further studies.

Some of these students however do come back home and work, taking what they learned from the world and making the knowledge prosper on India’s soil.

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